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Release notes

ActiveServer v1.2.1

[Release Date: 15/11/19]

[#584] EnhancementNormalised HTTP response status for server requests
[#586] EnhancementAdded additional HTTP headers to enhance page security
[#616] FixFixed an issue with currency code exponent for UAH (980)
[#617] FixFixed an issue when searching for merchants using an acquirer BIN

ActiveServer v1.2.0.1

[Release Date: 04/11/19]

[#610] FixFixed an issue with Oracle database initialisation

ActiveServer v1.2.0

[Release Date: 01/11/19]

[#293] EnhancementAdded the payTokenInd to Auth APIs to support the conditional EMVCo field EMV Payment Token Indicator
[#351] ChangeMerchants must now be created or edited to have a unique combination of Merchant name and Merchant ID
[#404] FixFixed an issue for users with a merchant role being unable to access dashboard
[#494] ChangeRemoved padding from Base64url encoding as per EMVCo bulletin
[#542] EnhancementAdded support for importing Merchant and Acquirer profiles from ActiveMerchant
[#546] ChangePurchase amount on transaction reports are now shown and searched for in major units rather than minor units
[#561] EnhancementImproved indexing for database table performance
[#581] EnhancementAdded a warning dialogue to restart instance when a DS certificate is added
[#583] EnhancementAdded a new Admin URL setting to allow separate access to the administration interface
[#590] EnhancementImproved the process of keystore initialisation during server startup
[#599] ChangeRemoved the global settings for Cache refresh interval, Preparation Response (PRes) timeout and Preparation Response (PRes) timeout. These settings can still be managed per card scheme on the DS settings page
OtherMinor bug fixes, performance and security enhancements

ActiveServer v1.1.4

[Release Date: 27/09/19]

[#559] EnhancementUpdating the External URL will now automatically update all 3DS Server URLs in the Directory Server settings if they have an empty value
[#579] FixFixed database index errors that occurred during Mastercard automated compliance testing
OtherMinor bug fixes, performance and security enhancements

ActiveServer v1.1.3

[Release Date: 20/09/19]

[#573] FixFixed an issue concerning key generation for certain HSMs
[#574] EnhancementAdded a confirmation dialogue when rotating keys
OtherMinor bug fixes, performance and security enhancements

ActiveServer v1.1.2

[Release Date: 19/09/2019]

[#383] EnhancementThe ActiveServer EULA is now accessed from the administration UI about page and has been removed from the release package
[#424] ChangeManaging Acquirer BINs via the Admin API now uses string values rather than UUID's of Acquirers in the system. As such, the Acquirer Admin API endpoints have been removed. The administration UI now takes either an existing Acquirer BIN or a value can be entered
[#450] ChangeSetting the admin.port now restricts all administration interface UI requests to that port number
[#507] EnhancementAdded dsTransID and messageVersion to API responses for BRW, APP and 3RI channels
[#519] EnhancementAdded a Master Auth API client certificate which can be used to authenticate on behalf of any merchant in the system
[#547] EnhancementAdded additional warning dialogues for users when there is a possibility of overriding existing private keys on Directory Server certificate page
[#548] EnhancementAdded a new challenge status API endpoint (/api/v1/auth/challenge/status), allowing the 3DS Requestor to optionally provide a cancel reason when cancelling a challenge request
[#552] EnhancementEnhanced the performance of installation wizard
[#555] ChangeChanged a listener port opened by ActiveServer to be internally used only
[#557] ChangeRemoved the CRes and ACS Method timeout settings as they correspond to 3DS SDK timeouts
[#560] ChangeChanged the Admin API endpoints for Merchants (certificate export/revoke and key rotate) and removed unused parameters from request and responses. Also removed the Admin API endpoints for settings
[#565] FixFixed an issue where a user was able to exceed the session failed attempts amount
[#569] FixFixed an issue causing the PReq not to be sent if the PReq value was not set in Directory Server settings
OtherMinor bug fixes, performance and security enhancements

ActiveServer v1.1.1

[Release Date: 30/08/2019]

[#509] EnhancementAdded a new monitoring endpoint for timing out non-completed transactions to support 3DS Requestor sample code v1.1
[#537] EnhancementAdded an optional merchant name field to authentication APIs to allow the merchant name in a merchant profile to be overridden
[#541] EnhancementAdded sample database connector settings to for DB2 and PostgreSQL
OtherMinor bug fixes, performance and security enhancements

ActiveServer v1.1.0

[Release Date: 16/08/2019]

[#151] EnhancementAdded functionality to import CA certificate chain during client/server certificate installation if included in certificate
[#152] EnhancementAdded functionality to specify a separate PReq endpoint if DS provider requires this setup
[#371] FixFixed a bug causing the administration interface session timeout not to work, this setting is now in the configuration properties
[#425] ChangeChanged audit log reports to better show what values have been changed
[#447] EnhancementRReq and RRes messages are now shown on Transaction Details page
[#461] EnhancementAdded support for PostgreSQL type databases
[#483] EnhancementAdded timed logs for auth API messages for debug log level
[#487] EnhancementAdded functionality to override the 3DS Server reference number when performing Mastercard compliance testing
[#488] EnhancementRedesigned the DS Certificate page to more easily manage CSRs as well as streamlining buttons
[#493] ChangeDefault Test Merchant is no longer able to be deleted, as it is used for test purposes
[#497] EnhancementAdded support for DB2 type databases
[#499] EnhancementCommon name of DS CSRs will now be pre-filled if 3DS Server URL is available
[#505] ChangeWhen browser info collecting or the 3DS method is skipped, actual error message with required fields missing is now shown
[#508] EnhancementAdded ECI value to be shown on Transaction Details page
[#516] ChangeChanged error message on login page to eliminate risk of username enumeration
[#520] ChangeChanged the moment.js file to be loaded locally rather than from an external CDN
OtherMinor bug fixes, performance and security enhancements

ActiveServer v1.0.5

[Release Date: 04/07/2019]

[#322] FixFixed issue that could cause times and dates on administration interface to not display in users local time zone (set from user profile)
[#378] EnhancementAdded functionality to download CA certificate bundle from merchant details page
[#401] ChangeFor new installations, changed the default system keystore filename pattern to be as_sys_"randomUUID.jks"
[#402] FixFixed issue causing "3DS Server Transaction ID", "Min purchase amount", "Max purchase amount" not to display correct transaction search results
[#412] FixFixed issue causing a user to not lock after exceeding maximum password attempts
[#422] FixFixed issue causing incorrect value to be displayed for Directory Servers > Settings > HTTPS callback port
[#428] ChangeUpdated /api/v1/auth/3ri auth API request to require a {messageCategory}
[#433] ChangeRemoved .html suffix from all pages
[#446] EnhancementImproved error messages for invalid values on merchant details page
[#448] EnhancementImproved logic and error handling for importing Directory Server certificates
[#449] EnhancementChanged system labels for improved readability - Directory Server > Settings > 3DS Server URL (previously External URL), Directory Server > Settings > HTTP listening port (previously HTTPS callback port), Settings > 3DS2 > API URL (previously Auth API URL)
OtherMinor bug fixes, performance and security enhancements

ActiveServer v1.0.4

[Release Date: 31/05/2019]

[#386] FixFixed an issue that could cause an error during the activation process when a HSM is being used
[#390] EnhancementAdded functionality to change the HSM PIN via the Settings > Security page
[#380] EnhancementAdded Amazon Aurora MySQL 5.7 to compatible databases

ActiveServer v1.0.3

[Release Date: 27/05/2019]

[#376] ChangeUpdated enrol API response to provide result enumeration as 00 or 01 values
[#379] FixFixed issue that could cause dashboard historical data not to display
[#380] FixFixed issue causing merchants with old DS enum values to show an error when accessed

ActiveServer v1.0.2

[Release Date: 24/05/2019]

Database SupportAdded support for MSSQL Server 2017
[#301] EnhancementUpdated the Admin API endpoints to use .x509 authentication
[#349] ChangeChanged log file format from as.dd-mm-yyyy.log to as.yyyy-mm-dd.log and to be stored in base logs folder
[#356] ChangeChanged default values for DS ports in to be in the 9600 range
[#368] FixFixed issue that was causing enrol API to return an Internal Server Error
[#373] EnhancementAdded CA certificate download to User Profile page to be used with API requests

ActiveServer v1.0.1

[Release Date: 17/05/2019]

[#326] FixFixed issue causing side menu to load slowly on some browsers
[#327] FixFixed compatibility issue when using Oracle DB
[#328] ChangeAdded acsReferenceNumber to the AuthResponseApp API
OtherMinor bug fixes, performance and security enhancements

ActiveServer v1.0.0

[Release Date: 09/05/2019]

ReleaseInitial release