View ActiveServer Information

The About ActiveServer page can be accessed from the ℹ icon at the bottom left corner of the page. AS About

About ActiveServer displays basic information about the software deployment, which includes:

  • ActiveServer version - software version of the currently installed ActiveServer.
  • OS name - operating system in use.
  • OS version - version of the operating system in use.
  • Database name - database in use.
  • Database version - version of the database in use.
  • Java edition and version - Java edition and version installed.
  • Node count - number of nodes deployed in this instance of ActiveServer.
  • Supported 3DS version - 3D Secure version supported.
  • 3DS Server reference number - unique reference number for this instance of ActiveServer.
  • EULA - selecting the View button will open the EULA in a PDF viewer, with additional options to download or print the PDF.