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DateActiveServer VersionDocumentation VersionChange Details
15/11/• Updated release notes for ActiveServer v1.2.1 changes
01/11/• Added the ActiveMerchant migration guide for importing merchants and acquirers from ActiveMerchant
• Updated the Configure system settings guide to add the Admin URL description
• Updated the Configure system settings and Manage DS settings guides to reflect the removal of global timeout settings and re-arrangement of settings tabs
• Updated the Quickstart HSM section with a note regarding HSM Token Login
• Added note in the Merchant Merchants guide regarding requirements for Merchant name and Merchant ID to be unique
• Added note in the Quickstart guide regarding escape characters for Windows local keystore paths
27/09/• Updated the External URL notes section for the new 3DS Server URL update feature
20/09/• Updated release notes for ActiveServer V1.1.3 changes.
19/09/• Updated the Manage Merchants and User profile guides with details on the new Master Auth API client certificate functionality. A description of the implementation can be found in the Auth API Authentication and Demo 3DS Requestor Configuration guides
• Updated the Auth API with the new challenge status endpoint. A description of the implementation can be found in the front-end, back-end and demo requestor features pages
• Updated Manage Merchants guide for new BIN assignment functionality
• Updated the Auth API with the following changes:
     • Added dsTransID and messageVersion to API responses for BRW, APP and 3RI channels
• Updated the Admin API with the following changes:
     • Managing Acquirer BINs via the Admin API now uses string values rather than UUID's of Acquirers in the system. As such, the Acquirer Admin API endpoints have been removed
     • Changed the Admin API endpoints for Merchants (certificate export/revoke and key rotate) and removed unused parameters from request and responses
     • Removed the Admin API endpoints for settings
• Updated View ActiveServer Information for new View EULA button
• Removed the CRes and ACS method timeout settings
30/08/• The Guides > Integration section has been rewritten to match the v1.1 release of the GPayments 3DS Requestor sample code available on GitHub. Now supports code examples for multiple backend languages (Java, C#, PHP and Go) as well test pages for Browser, 3RI and Enrol endpoints
• Added a TestLabs guide detailing TestLabs usage and available test scenarios
• Added a optional merchantName field to the authentication APIs to allow the merchant name in a merchant profile to be overridden for AReqs
• Added DB2 and PostgreSQL connector examples to the Quickstart guide and added alternative JDBC url example to MSSQL
• Added a section to the API document overview, Converting P12 to PEM using OpenSSL
16/08/• Added supported web browsers to the Quickstart guide
• Updated the Manage DS Certificates guide with information on how certificates are used in ActiveServer as well as newly introduced CSR management features
• Updated Quickstart guide with details on setting TLS version
• Updated compatible database versions for PostgreSQL (add 8.4 and later) and DB2 (add 11.1 and later)
• Added instructions to change session timeout setting
• Updated the /api/v1/auth/app/{messageCategory} API example to reflect the sdkEphemPubKey attribute being an object and updated the sample JSON
• Updated Manage DS Settings guide to reflect new optional PReq URL endpoint being added
16/07/• Added functionality to choose documentation version and language, as well as downloading the documentation as PDF
04/07/• Updated the Manage merchants guide with details of CA certificate download
• Updated purchaseCurrency and purchaseAmount descriptions on /api/v1/auth/brw/init/ API request
• Updated /api/v1/auth/3ri API request to require a {messageCategory}
• Updated system labels for Directory Server > Settings > 3DS Server URL (previously External URL), Directory Server > Settings > HTTP listening port (previously HTTPS callback port), Settings > 3DS2 > API URL (previously Auth API URL)
• Updated the test card number used for challenge authentications
07/06/• Updated the API document overview to include field condition definitions and updated the Front-end implementation and Step-by-step guides to reflect latest changes to 3DS Requestor demo code on GitHub
• Updated BaseMerchantProvider object used in /api/v1/admin/merchants to use acqBinId only
31/05/• Added a new Settings > HSM section, explaining how to use the HSM PIN change functionality
• Updated Quickstart document with additional information for using Amazon S3 Keystore as the system keystore, including using IAM roles
30/05/• Updated Quickstart document with MS SQL sample properties
• Updated compatible database versions for MySQL (add Amazon Aurora), Oracle (add 12c) and MS SQL (add 2008 R2, 2012, 2014, 2016)
27/05/• Updated the API document overview with details on how to download CA certificate chains and access Administration APIs using .X509 authentication
• Updated the User profile guide with details of certificate download and revoke
• Updated the Enrol API result description with details of the enrolmentStatus
24/05/• Added support for MSSQL 2017
• Updated Quickstart document with new default DS port numbers and updated supported Oracle DB version to 11g
• Updated Logging section to reflect new log file format (as.yyyy-mm-dd.log)
• Added the Upgrade instance guide
• Updated the Activate instance document, as MyAccount no longer requires the External URL during server registration
08/05/• Added data elements overview to the Activate instance guide
03/05/• Restructured the old Authentication Integration section into multiple pages along with adding more information to assist in explaining the integration process. There is now a high level overview set of documents, along with the step-by-step integration guides under the Guides > Integration heading
30/04/• Minor updates to fix broken links
18/04/• Initial release