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Error codes

This section provides details of errors that could occur during the running of ActiveServer.

3DS Error Codes (101 ~ 404)

101MESSAGE_RECEIVED_INVALIDReceived message is invalid.
102MESSAGE_VERSION_NUMBER_NOT_SUPPORTEDUnsupported message version number.
103SENT_MESSAGES_LIMIT_EXCEEDEDMessage sent exceeds the limit.
201REQUIRED_DATA_ELEMENT_MISSINGA message element required as defined according the specification is missing.
202CRITICAL_MESSAGE_EXTENSION_NOT_RECOGNISEDMessage extension that is critical is not present.
Data element is not in the required format or value is invalid as defined according the specification.
204DUPLICATE_DATA_ELEMENTFound duplicate data element.
301TRANSACTION_ID_NOT_RECOGNISEDTransaction ID received is not valid for the receiving component.
302DATA_DECRYPTION_FAILUREEncryption of data has failed.
303ACCESS_DENIED_INVALID_ENDPOINTEndpoint for the API request is invalid. Check the requesting url.
304ISO_CODE_INVALIDISO code is invalid.
305TRANSACTION_DATA_NOT_VALIDTransaction data is invalid.
Merchant category code is invalid.
307SERIAL_NUMBER_NOT_VALIDSerial number is invalid.
402TRANSACTION_TIMED_OUTTransaction has timed out.
403TRANSIENT_SYSTEM_FAILURESystem has failed for a short period.
404PERMANENT_SYSTEM_FAILURESystem has failed permanently.
404SYSTEM_CONNECTION_FAILUREFailed to connect to the system.

Transaction Error Codes (1000 ~ 1026)

1001DIRECTORY_SERVER_NOT_FOUNDNo directory server found for specified provider
1002ERROR_SAVE_TRANSACTIONError occurred while saving transaction
1003ERROR_SAVE_TRANSACTION_MESSAGEError returned while saving transaction message
1004UNHANDLED_EXCEPTIONUnhandled exception
1005PAN_NOT_PARTICIPATINGPrimary Account Number (PAN) is not participating.
1009MERCHANT_INTERFACE_DISABLEDThe interface is disabled for this merchant
1011INVALID_LICENSEMerchant has no valid license
1013INVALID_TRANSACTION_IDTransaction ID of 3DS server is not recognised
1014INVALID_REQUESTOR_TRANSACTION_IDTransaction ID of 3DS requestor is not recognised
1015THREEDS_REQUESTOR_NOT_FOUNDInvalid 3DS Requestor ID/Merchant ID
1016MISSING_REQUIRED_ELEMENTRequired element missing.
1018ELEMENT_NOT_DEFINEDMessage element not a defined message.
1019PROTOCOL_OLDProtocol version is too old.
1020ERROR_TRANSMISSION_DATAErrors in data transmission
1021PRIOR_TRANS_ID_NOT_FOUNDError in setting requestor prior Transaction ID. Prior Transaction ID couldn't be found.
1022INVALID_FORMATFormat of one or more elements is invalid according to the specification.
1023CARD_RANGE_IS_NOT_VALIDCard range provided is invalid.
1024CACHE_UPDATE_IS_DISABLECache update is disabled.
1025CACHE_REFRESH_INTERVAL_IS_NOT_SETCache refresh interval is not set.
Invalid acquirerMerchantID/threeDSRequestorID

General Error Codes (2000 ~ 2010)

2000NOT_FOUNDResource not found.
2001DUPLICATE_RECORDRecord already exists.
2002VALIDATION_ERRORInvalid inputs.
2003INVALID_REQUESTInvalid request.
2004CONCURRENCY_FAILUREFailed to update node.
2005ACCESS_DENIEDAccess is denied.
2006METHOD_NOT_SUPPORTEDRequest HTTP method is not supported.
2007INTERNAL_SERVER_ERRORInternal server error.
2008DATA_INTEGRITY_VIOLATION_ERRORA specified value violated the integrity constraints.
2009SESSION_TIMED_OUTSession has timed out.

Security Error Codes (3001 ~ 3024)

3002NO_SUCH_ALGORITHMNo such algorithm.
3003INVALID_CERTThe certificate's public key is not compatible with the corresponding private key.
3004INVALID_CHAINActiveServer is unable to build the full certificate chain as one or more intermediate certificates cannot be found in the CA certificate store. You should either install/import a certificate which contains the full chain or install the missing intermediate certificates before attempting again.
3005NO_PRIVATE_KEY_FOUNDNo private key found.
3006INVALID_CERTIFICATE_CONTENTInvalid certificate content
3007CERTIFICATE_IO_READUnable to read certificate.
3008SUCH_PROVIDER_EXCEPTIONNo such provider exception.
3009NO_KEYThe certificate could not be installed because this object does not have an existing key.
3010CERTIFICATE_CHAIN_BAD_FORMATCertificate chain has invalid format.
3011MISMATCHED_PASSWORDSPassword fields do not match.
3012IMPORT_CERTIFICATEPlease import client certificate.
3013IMPORT_NO_CERTIFICATEThere is no certificate to export.
3014FAILED_TO_INITIALIZEFailed to initialise.
3015ENCRYPTION_FAILFailed to encrypt.
3016DECRYPTION_FAILFailed to decrypt.
3017INVALID_HSM_PROVIDERThe specified provider name for hardware encryption is not supported
3018INVALID_PKCS11_CONFIGInvalid PKCS11 config path
3019FAILED_TO_INITIALIZE_PKCS11Failed to initialise PKCS11.
3020IMPORT_FAILFailed to import.
3021NOT_SUPPORTED_IBM_PROVIDEROnly SUN provider is supported.
3022UNABLE_TO_LOAD_KEYSTORELoading keystore failed.
3023UNABLE_TO_LOAD_CERTIFICATELoading certificate failed.
3024INVALID_KEY_SIZEKey size is invalid.

User Error Codes (4000 ~ 4022)

4000DUPLICATE_EMAILE-mail already in use.
4001LAST_ADMIN_DELETE_NOT_ALLOWEDYou need to be at least a System Admin user to perform this action.
4002ACCOUNT_IS_LOCKEDYour account is locked.
4003ACCOUNT_IS_DISABLEDYour account is disabled.
4004ACCOUNT_WILL_BE_LOCKEDYour account will be locked after another wrong try. If you have been forgotten your password please click on "Lost your password"
4005ACCOUNT_WAS_LOCKEDPassword has been locked for 1 hour.
4006ACCOUNT_IS_INACTIVEYour account was not activated.
4007PASSWORD_POLICY_MATCHThe password should be minimum eight characters, with at least one letter and one number.
4008LOGIN_ALREADY_IN_USEUsername already in use.
4009EMAIL_ALREADY_IN_USEEmail already in use.
4010INVALID_TOTP_CODEInvalid totp authentication code.
4011EMAIL_SENDING_FAILEDFailed to send email.
4012EMAIL_NOT_REGISTEREDYour email is not registered.
4014FAILED_TO_CREATE_ACCOUNTFailed to create the account.
4015TWO_FA_MANDATORYUsing two factor login is mandatory.
4016PASSWORD_EXPIREDThe password for user was expired.
4017PASSWORD_EXPIRED_WARNINGThe password for user is going to be expired on.
4018PASSWORD_HISTORY_MATCHEDThe password matched with the previous historical passwords.
4019INVALID_TOKENAn invalid token.
4021INVALID_PASSWORDInvalid password.
4022EMAIL_INVALID_ACTIVATIONAccount activation code is invalid.

Setup Error Code (5000)

5000SETUP_NOT_ALLOWEDSetup is not allowed.