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Release notes

ActiveServer v1.1.0

[Release Date: 16/08/2019]

[#151] EnhancementAdded functionality to import CA certificate chain during client/server certificate installation if included in certificate
[#152] EnhancementAdded functionality to specify a separate PReq endpoint if DS provider requires this setup
[#371] FixFixed a bug causing the administration interface session timeout not to work, this setting is now in the configuration properties
[#425] ChangeChanged audit log reports to better show what values have been changed
[#447] EnhancementRReq and RRes messages are now shown on Transaction Details page
[#461] EnhancementAdded support for PostgreSQL type databases
[#483] EnhancementAdded timed logs for auth API messages for debug log level
[#487] EnhancementAdded functionality to override the 3DS Server reference number when performing Mastercard compliance testing
[#488] EnhancementRedesigned the DS Certificate page to more easily manage CSRs as well as streamlining buttons
[#493] ChangeDefault Test Merchant is no longer able to be deleted, as it is used for test purposes
[#497] EnhancementAdded support for DB2 type databases
[#499] EnhancementCommon name of DS CSRs will now be pre-filled if 3DS Server URL is available
[#505] ChangeWhen browser info collecting or the 3DS method is skipped, actual error message with required fields missing is now shown
[#508] EnhancementAdded ECI value to be shown on Transaction Details page
[#516] ChangeChanged error message on login page to eliminate risk of username enumeration
[#520] ChangeChanged the moment.js file to be loaded locally rather than from an external CDN
OtherMinor bug fixes, performance and security enhancements

ActiveServer v1.0.5

[Release Date: 04/07/2019]

[#322] FixFixed issue that could cause times and dates on administration interface to not display in users local time zone (set from user profile)
[#378] EnhancementAdded functionality to download CA certificate bundle from merchant details page
[#401] ChangeFor new installations, changed the default system keystore filename pattern to be as_sys_"randomUUID.jks"
[#402] FixFixed issue causing "3DS Server Transaction ID", "Min purchase amount", "Max purchase amount" not to display correct transaction search results
[#412] FixFixed issue causing a user to not lock after exceeding maximum password attempts
[#422] FixFixed issue causing incorrect value to be displayed for Directory Servers > Settings > HTTPS callback port
[#428] ChangeUpdated /api/v1/auth/3ri auth API request to require a {messageCategory}
[#433] ChangeRemoved .html suffix from all pages
[#446] EnhancementImproved error messages for invalid values on merchant details page
[#448] EnhancementImproved logic and error handling for importing Directory Server certificates
[#449] EnhancementChanged system labels for improved readability - Directory Server > Settings > 3DS Server URL (previously External URL), Directory Server > Settings > HTTP listening port (previously HTTPS callback port), Settings > 3DS2 > API URL (previously Auth API URL)
OtherMinor bug fixes, performance and security enhancements

ActiveServer v1.0.4

[Release Date: 31/05/2019]

[#386] FixFixed an issue that could cause an error during the activation process when a HSM is being used
[#390] EnhancementAdded functionality to change the HSM PIN via the Settings > Security page
[#380] EnhancementAdded Amazon Aurora MySQL 5.7 to compatible databases

ActiveServer v1.0.3

[Release Date: 27/05/2019]

[#376] ChangeUpdated enrol API response to provide result enumeration as 00 or 01 values
[#379] FixFixed issue that could cause dashboard historical data not to display
[#380] FixFixed issue causing merchants with old DS enum values to show an error when accessed

ActiveServer v1.0.2

[Release Date: 24/05/2019]

Database SupportAdded support for MSSQL Server 2017
[#301] EnhancementUpdated the Admin API endpoints to use .x509 authentication
[#349] ChangeChanged log file format from as.dd-mm-yyyy.log to as.yyyy-mm-dd.log and to be stored in base logs folder
[#356] ChangeChanged default values for DS ports in to be in the 9600 range
[#368] FixFixed issue that was causing enrol API to return an Internal Server Error
[#373] EnhancementAdded CA certificate download to User Profile page to be used with API requests

ActiveServer v1.0.1

[Release Date: 17/05/2019]

[#326] FixFixed issue causing side menu to load slowly on some browsers
[#327] FixFixed compatibility issue when using Oracle DB
[#328] ChangeAdded acsReferenceNumber to the AuthResponseApp API
OtherMinor bug fixes, performance and security enhancements

ActiveServer v1.0.0

[Release Date: 09/05/2019]

ReleaseInitial release