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Manage acquirers

A list of all acquirers can be accessed from the Merchants > Acquirers menu on the administration interface. The list shows Acquirer name and all associated Acquirer BINs.

User Access

A user requires the Business admin role to create, view, edit and delete Acquirers.


Create an acquirer

To create an acquirer, select the New button and fill in the fields:

  • Acquirer name - name used to identify the acquirer in ActiveServer. Not used for authentication messaging.
  • Acquirer BINs - one or more BINs that can be assigned to the acquirer. This field is sent in authentication messaging and should be the same one used when enrolling a merchant to the payment system DS.

Select the Create button to create the acquirer.

View and edit acquirer details

Select an acquirer from the acquirer list to view and edit its details. Make changes to the details, as required, and select the Save button.

Delete an acquirer

To delete an acquirer, select the adjacent delete check box in the acquirer list. Select the Delete button and confirm on the dialogue box.