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ActiveServer is a 3D Secure 2 Server solution provided by GPayments Pty Ltd.

GPayments also provides a 3D Secure 2 mobile SDK solution, ActiveSDK. Contact us for more information regarding our SDK solution.

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Overview of this documentation

This documentation provides an introduction to ActiveServer, guides you through the integration process, and provides troubleshooting procedures.

This documentation is organized into the following chapters:

  • Introduction - an introduction to ActiveServer, and an overview of this document.
  • Quickstart - installation instructions, tips and essential information to get ActiveServer up and running.
  • Features overview - descriptions of the main features of the system.
  • Guides - extensive guides on using system functionality and other walkthroughs for 3DS2 tasks.
  • API References - a overview on how APIs can be used, links to API reference documents and an error code listing.
  • Glossary - 3DS2 and ActiveServer specific terms, abbreviations and definitions used throughout the document.
  • Document control - change log for the document.
  • Release notes - ActiveServer software release notes by version.
  • Legal notices - confidentiality, copyright, disclaimer and liability statements.

Product introduction

ActiveServer is a 3D Secure 2 3DS Server solution for merchants and Payment Service Providers. ActiveServer allows merchants to implement 3DS2 for their payment flows and have guaranteed protection against Card Not Present (CNP) fraud via Liability Shift. It supports all the major card brands, is fully PCI-DSS 3.2 ready and is simple to integrate with its easy to use APIs.

ActiveServer offers the flexibility of In-house deployment or can be utilised from GPayments' Hosted Service.

Core features

ActiveServer comes with the following core features:

  • Intelligent Reporting - key business information available from reporting functionality provided through the administration web application.
  • Application Server and OS Agnostic - ability to utilise any popular web container to launch ActiveServer via a WAR file or deploy as a standalone application utilising Spring. This extends to all popular operating systems including Windows and Linux based systems.
  • HSM Agnostic - compatibility with most major general purpose Hardware Security Modules for encryption, including Thales, Gemalto, AWS KMS, or any PKCS11 compatible HSM’s.
  • Easy Product Activation - simple management of all ActiveServer instances deployed via a token-based activation procedure linked to the organisation’s account with GPayments.
  • Multiple 3DS Requestors and Merchants - ability to add multiple 3DS Requestors and merchants to the same ActiveServer instance.
  • Ease of Migration - for existing customers, GPayments is available to develop a plan and identify the tools needed for migrating to ActiveServer

ActiveServer APIs

ActiveServer offers easy to use RESTful APIs, based on industry standards, for merchants to integrate with their existing systems. Requests can be sent and received in JSON format. The APIs come with detailed documentation and sample code to offer a seamless experience.

Authentication API

ActiveServer exposes its authentication components to allow merchants to embed API code within their existing checkout process for browser and mobile. This code calls ActiveServer to perform the authentication and return the authentication response. This is a flexible model, which offers merchants the ability to utilise ActiveServer remotely, over the Internet, from the merchant's own network.

Admin API

ActiveServer exposes an API to its administration services, enabling system administrators and developers to integrate merchant and acquirer management tasks with existing infrastructure. The Admin API is particularly useful for merchant aggregators and payment gateways, who already maintain and manage some of the merchant information required for setting up merchant profiles. It allows ActiveServer’s merchant management tasks to be integrated within a merchant’s own system and significantly reduces administration overhead.

About GPayments

GPayments Logo

GPayments is an Australian company, with clients worldwide, that specialises in delivering payment authentication products for online transactions. We provide a range of solutions for card schemes, financial institutions (both issuers and acquirers), online service providers, merchants, and cardholders. Our 3DS2 application suite includes ActiveAccess (ACS), ActiveServer (3DS Server) and ActiveSDK (3DS mobile SDK). GPayments also provides clients with access to its 3DS2 TestLabs, for end-to-end system integration testing. TestLabs has a live and fully developed Directory Server, Mobile SDK and EMVCo-compliant ACS.

Further information about GPayments is available on our website at or by contacting

If you find any errors in this documentation or would like to contact us for additional support, please email GPayments Tech Support at